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Dr. John Oda is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs worldwide. He was featured in "Meeting the Giants," working with renowned speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, and Les Brown. He is also regarded as a business expert on the Evan Carmichael website. His writings appear alongside other greats like: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Timothy Ferriss, and Donald Trump.

Dr. Oda has been featured as a guest on "Oprah and Friends," interview by Maya Angelou. ABC television, and has served as a radio host on PBS' online radio with his own personal development show.

In 1995, Dr. Oda met and teamed up with bestselling author and Peak Performance Expert, Joseph McClendon III, a head trainer for the Anthony Robbins organization. His educational background includes a Doctorate in Philosophy (emphasis in Psychology) and certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Trainer (NLP). Dr. Oda has also specialized in phobia and emotional challenges during twenty years of practicing.

Dr. Oda is frequently called upon to provide Corporate Training, Workshops, and Seminars for many companies worldwide because of the special skills and experiences Dr. Oda naturally provides. He is Master Coach and has trained three of the Top Ten Coaches at Business Breakthroughs International, LLC, an Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes company, a Master Trainer with Scott Hallman. Dr. Oda is an expert in Time Management, Sales Training, and Leadership and also helps business professionals in overcoming the behaviors and obstacles which impede their sales results and affect their bottom line.

Dr. John Oda's work provides new insight and solutions to current business issues, working as an executive business coach for 15 years and helping to increase a company's sales from 25% - 3,000% annually. His strategies and tools for change can prove value for any business size.

Dr. Oda has a remarkable ability to go straight to the core of a person's challenges and effect rapid change, making him a valuable commodity as a turnaround specialist in the business and private arenas. He does this with his unique brand of leadership, presentation style, humor and passion for living. His ability to inspire others to take action and to achieve greater results, are principles of living that he upholds. Dr. Oda is an author of Connecting with Your Teen and Life is a Garden provides workshops for teens and parents around the world.


  1. Master Trainer NLP
  2. Highly Effective Sales Trainer
  3. Time Management Expert
  4. Specialized in phobia and emotional challenges
  5. Keynote Speaker

DR. John Oda Consulting Clients include:

  • Hideki Electronics, Inc.
  • State Farm
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • H2O Waste Management
  • Medical Offices
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Century 21
  • Blue Chip Casino
  • Portland Community College
  • Primerica
  • MLM
  • Power House Gym
  • Kelley Services
  • Call Centers
  • The Olympia
  • Restaurants
  • Nielsen Dealership ( Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai)
  • Chiropractor Offices
  • HBW Financial Services
  • Coffey Labs
  • Orion Solar Racking
  • Lighting Companies
  • Software Company
  • Sports Industry
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • SW Foods
  • Construction ( Residential and Commercial)
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Securities and Commodity Exchange
  • Social Media Companies
  • Advertising Agency
  • SEO/Website Company
  • Mobile application company
  • BMW Dealership
  • Thompson Auto Group ( Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki)


  • With a style all his own and vigor that inspires others to take action, John is a true crusader for assisting others in making a positive change in their lives. The lives of those they love. I’m proud to call him a friend. My wish for you is that you too will come to work with him, and know him as well. Dr. Oda will add ten times the value. I guarantee it!

    - Joseph McClendon III, co-author with Anthony Robbins on two bestselling books and a UCLA instructor

  • John Oda has been my business coach for the past eight months. He has taught me strategies to take my business to the next level. Johns' time management structures have helped me increase my business dramatically without increasing my hours dramatically. What sets John apart from other coaches is his ability to help me grow as a person as well as a business owner. He teaches that a healthy mind, body and personal life are extremely important foundations for a healthy growing business. The hidden treasure in Johns coaching is his ability to shift you to a mindset of success. A coaching session with John Oda is tantamount to a coaching session with Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Joseph McClendon III all rolled into one. The guy knows his stuff.

    Oh by the way, I employ 10 great people, in the last eight months my business has doubled and my NET PROFIT is up 120% and we're just getting warmed up. Thanks mate.

    -Rob Heidemanns, Canberra, Australia

  • We wanted to say, "Thank you!" During the time you have been coaching us, NeuroQuest has achieved so much more than what we had been doing on our own. As small business owners and having worked for a fortune 500 companies for many years, we were hesitant to work with a coach. Not only did we think we had all the answers, but as with any upstart, we were short on cash. We're so glad you were persistent and patient with us. Your coaching has enabled us to gain clarity in our business and personal life which has translated into massive progress and success. We know this is only the beginning! We have found that through your direction, focus and the challenge to think outside the box we have secured more contracts, increased our orders and collections, as well as help us overcome a partnership issue we had been floundering in. The confidence we have in you and your coaching style along with the excitement you help generate will take us to the next level of success and company security. Anyone serious with either their company success or personal success needs you as their coach. Thanks Coach, the results in our business have already paid for the coaching!” In the last two years my business has increase over 900%.

    -Christy Norton, President and Leslie Chase

  • Dear John Oda

    I just want to give you some feedback after our UGP Coaching sessions. They were excellent and I would recommend you, and have recommended you, to business owners. I used a lot of your tips and one main one which grew one part of my business 15% over 8 weeks... and it is still growing - that was the re-activation letter in combination with a special invitation to join our Inner Sanctum. The Inner Sanctum is like a Platinum group of clients who enjoy special offers, new launch invites etc. Pretty much as for other types of business but not so common in Cosmetic Medicine. Your coaching really revitalised my enthusiasm for my business which extended to an increase in my team’s enthusiasm. Again, many thanks John.

    -Deirdre Tozer MD, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist, Australia

  • I am the owner of a busy Chiropractic/Massage/Physical Therapy office and have been working with John Oda from Business Breakthroughs International for only about one month. Since that time we have had a 50% increase in revenues and John has structured systems to bring all of our accounts receivables current totaling over $100,000. I had reservations about joining Business Breakthroughs International, but now after completing only the first month, I don't know how any business could afford not to join.

    -Dr. Duddey, Sports Care Center

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